Sovereign Lord

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     as featured in Jan/Feb 2004 Worship Leader Magazine's Song DISCovery - Check it out
     Grand Prize winner, 2002 Write About Jesus Workshop

Righteous Life, flesh so torn
Wounded hand, brow with thorn
Broken heart enduring scorn
Is this the Sovereign Lord?
Borrowed tomb, empty space
Thief of sin, leaves His grace
Destined for the highest place
This is the Sovereign Lord!

Lord, Your greatness is unsearchable
And Your Kingdom lives forever
You are near and You are wonderful
You are My Sovereign Lord

Fallen heart, lifted eyes
Stumbling words, longing sighs
Trembling hands embrace the skies
You are my Sovereign Lord
Risen heart, joyful eyes
Praises soar, my soul flies
Song of life that never dies
You are my Sovereign Lord

2002 Phil Mehrens
All rights reserved, used by permission

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